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Emerging Areas of Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research invests in UNM research by supporting projects that are likely to increase the impact and depth of research in emerging areas of cross-cutting excellence. Research 2020, the OVPR research strategic plan, guides the annual process for identifying different emerging areas of research on which the OVPR will focus.


FY18 OVPR Research Investments in Emerging Areas

For FY18, the emerging areas Renewable Energy, Social & Cultural Place-based Research Relating to the Southwest and Water in the West, were identified during the OVPR’s research strategic planning process. The FY 18 CALL FOR PROPOSALS was distributed on September 8, 2017 with a best consideration date of October 2, 2017.

18 proposals were submitted by eligible faculty across campus including 3 Water in the West, 5 Renewable Energy, and 10 Social and Cultural Place-based Research Relating to the Southwest, for a total of $321,260.36 requested dollars. Following a competitive review process, the OVPR funded 6 proposals for a total of $109,759, a 34 percent success rate.

Renewable Energy

UNM has high profile research in renewable energy infrastructure and technology, including materials, nanoscience and photonics, with important connections to the National Labs.

Research in NSF priority areas, particularly in collaboration with the national labs and AFRL has potential to make substantial contributions to renewable energy technologies and infrastructure

Project PI and Co-PI Department Award $
III-V/Silicon Multi-Junction Solar Cells Based on Pixilation Process Francesca Cavallo, (PI)
Ganesh Balakrishnan (Co-PI)
Electrical and Computer Engineering / Center for High Technology Materials $20,000
Enhancing Piezoelectric Properties of Aluminum Nitride for Energy Harvesting Applications Nathan Jackson (PI) Mechanical Engineering $20,000

Social & Cultural Place-based Research Relating to the Southwest

The rich cultural heritage of New Mexico shapes much UNM research & scholarly activity relating to the arts, humanities, social sciences, and language. Much of the place-based research springs from the diverse student population that fosters excellent research in areas of interest to the communities we serve.

Project PI and Co-PI Department Award $
Community Planning for the Diné of Red Water Pond Road Community Catherine Page Harris (PI),
Ted Jojola & Alf Simon (Co-PIs)
Landscape Architecture,
Indigenous Design & Planning
El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail Development Concept Plan Francisco Uviña (PI),
Alf Simon (Co-PI)
Historic Preservation and Regionalism,
Landscape Architecture
The Growth of Albuquerque: Domestic and Global Migrant Relationality Irene Vasquez, (PI) Chicana and Chicano Studies $19,965

Water in the West

Research on water in the west draws upon broad expertise at UNM surrounding water scarcity in the arid Southwest and its effect on policy, the environment, and communities.

Research relates not only to those seeking solutions to water scarcity through engineering, natural sciences, planning, landscaping and Sustainability Studies, but also those who model its implications computationally, who explore it in art, who study its consequences throughout history and across different communities, and who work to develop policy dealing with this pervasive issue.

Project PI and Co-PI Department Award $
Post-Wildfire Watershed and Stream Response Mark Stone (PI)
Rebecca Bixby & Jose Cerrato (CoPI's)
Civil Engineering $19,998


Past Investments by Fiscal Year

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Fiscal Year Organization Lead Investigator Application
FY22 Manufacturing Engineering Matthias Pleil Maskless Photolithography for Cost Effective, Rapid Successful Research and Development
FY22 Center for High Technology Materials (CHTM) Payman Zarkesh-Ha Support for Purchasing of Agilent Universal Spectrophotometer Acquisition of a PrepFAST IC System to be Coupled with the Existing Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometer (ICP/MS) for simultaneous Trace Metals Analysis and Elements

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