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Facilities at UNM

The University of New Mexico has many state-of-the-art facilities available for use by industry partners:

  • The Analytical Geochemistry Laboratory
    The laboratory is set up to aid faculty, staff, and students with their research programs related to chemistry, geochemistry, environmental sciences and engineering, material sciences, and biological and molecular biology and technology sciences. The laboratory also provides support for other UNM Departments, other universities, government (federal, state, and city) agencies, private companies.

  • Center for High Technology Materials
    Facilities include Nanofabrication Facility, Cleanroom, Laser Labs, Crystal Growth Facility and a Fiber Draw Tower

  • Center for Micro-Engineered Materials
    Facilities include Scanning Electron Microscopy Facilities, E&PS X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory, and others

  • Center for Stable Isotopes
    The mission of UNM-CSI is to support world-class stable isotope research by scientists and students across disciplines from Earth and Planetary Sciences, Biology, Anthropology, Chemistry and the Biomedical Sciences.


Equipment Available for Use

The University of New Mexico is proud to own a breadth of cutting-edge research equipment, much of which is available for use by our industry partners.

Click here to view Tier II equipment.



  • Bureau of Business & Economic Research
    Recognized expert in providing socioeconomic data and forecasting in New Mexico. With more than 70 years of experience, UNMBBER’s research team provides economic forecasting as well as economic research services and data communication tools tailored to the needs of clients – public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic – seeking to understand and shape public policy on the state, regional, and local levels.

  • Geospatial and Population Studies
    Geospatial and Population Studies supplies trustworthy information that serves communities and government agencies; offers cutting-edge technology and research methods; and provides a fertile training ground at UNM for a new generation of applied researchers and decision makers.

  • The Office of Contract Archeology
    The Office of Contract Archeology, a division of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, is a cultural resources management program that has taken a leading role in innovative, large-scale, interdisciplinary cultural resources studies throughout the state of New Mexico and adjacent portions of Arizona, Colorado and Texas. A hallmark of OCA's service history has been the development of scientifically based management solutions for projects of all sizes. Our central location, emphasis on both large- and small-scale projects, laboratory facilities, and staff structure are all geared for high-quality and rapid-response action demanded by simultaneous multiple task projects. OCA has compiled an exemplary record of high quality research, timely performance, and excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Earth Data Analysis Center
    Our mission is to serve the spatial needs of these communities by utilizing Geospatial Technologies. We strive to bridge UNM’s academic units and the external communities via partnerships, by facilitating and stimulating collaborations and by providing professional services. These partnerships include government agencies, private organizations and regional universities. EDAC is also committed to strengthening graduate education to meet the increasingly complex resource management and decision needs.

  • UNM Small Business Institute at Anderson
    The UNM Small Business Institute (SBI) at Anderson provides consulting work for local start-ups, expanding businesses, nonprofit organizations and family enterprises. Every semester, 25-30 student teams comprised of 3-5 students, guided by a UNM Anderson faculty member, assist clients in preparing strategic business plans, financial analyses and marketing research studies. These mutually beneficial partnerships offer students an experiential learning opportunity while providing businesses with management assistance at an affordable rate.

  • UNM Rainforest University Center
    The New Mexico Rainforest University Center provides training and technical assistance at all of the University of New Mexico sites (Main, UNM-Taos, UNM-Valencia, UNM-Gallup, and UNM-Los Alamos). The University Center mission is to: Advance high-growth entrepreneurship, Cultivate innovation, Encourage business expansion beyond the local market and Develop a high-skilled work force through entrepreneurship fundamental training. The platform for the training will be eCommerce, designed to assist any business with its digital presence. Courses and certificates will be available to UNM students and community members thru UNM's Innovation Academy.

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