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Undergraduate Research Programs


At UNM, research is a key part of the educational experience for our students. Getting involved with research helps students develop skills and insights which serve them well in their academic journeys, and on whatever paths they may choose after their UNM years. Our students are an integral part of the world-class discovery, creativity, and innovation happening here at UNM. They conduct research in diverse settings, including, but not limited to, laboratories, studios, informal research groups, or one-on-one projects with faculty and staff. Sometimes the research occurs in academic settings, or, it may happen in the field. Often, the experience culminates with a presentation and opportunity to explain to others the new knowledge that is generated.

On this page, which has been developed to aid faculty, staff, and administrators, we gather together information on the wide range of undergraduate research initiatives, networks, resources, and programs which serve our undergraduate students. Additionally, the guide found here will help UNM instructors connect with content and services to support integrating undergraduate research experiences into their curriculum. For this purpose, undergraduate research is defined as “Inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline” (Council on Undergraduate Research). This work can be student-initiated or faculty-initiated, and includes students who make contributions to original faculty research and creative works.

UG Research Highlights



On-Campus Programs

The University of New Mexico offers many opportunities for undergraduates to learn about and become involved with research. On-campus program:


Honors Programs and Other Departmental Opportunities

The UNM Honors College welcomes all majors from all disciplines to engage in a rigorous and high-quality research capstone project as a culmination of the Honors curricular requirements. Many UNM departments provide research activities for undergraduate students through departmental honors programs. Although most Departmental Honors Programs require a research-based capstone project, the duration of the project and the requirements for completion are different for each major. Many of our students participate in research in academic departments through mechanisms other than honors programs. Please see individual department webpages for more information.


Research Match (link coming soon)

The purpose of this program is to encourage current UNM students to engage in research, and to connect prospective students to research opportunities available to them at UNM.

Career Services & Events

The UNM Office of Career Services hosts multiple career fairs each year, which can help researchers recruit undergraduate students as well as help connect students to research opportunities and internships.

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Annual Caswell Silver Undergraduate Honors Research Symposium

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference (UROC)

University Libraries Annual Jim & Mary Lois Hulsman Undergraduate Library Research Award

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